Added conspicuous international design prizes:


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Fashion Accessories PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeCosmetic Products PrizeClothing Prize
Yacht PrizeIcon PrizeHouseware PrizeAmerican Prize
Retail PrizeBest of Best PrizeThe One and Only PrizeBest Aircraft Prize
Magnificient PrizeJournal PrizeSchool of Design PrizeCollege of Design Prize
Awards PrizeGreatest Architects PrizeTop Designers PrizeExcellent Prize
The Best of All PrizeTop Designer PrizeProfessional Architects PrizeChoice of Security Prize
Meta PrizeCorporate Plans PrizeEyewear PrizeFinancial Instruments Prize
Conventions PrizeLandscape PrizeOutranking PrizeBeauty Products Prize
Tradefair PrizeWhite Goods PrizeYellow Goods PrizeAlmanacs Prize
Mathematics and Nature PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeTechnical Design PrizeInstitute Prize
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